Bike Tours with Adventure Sark

Rue de La Seigneurie, Sark, GY10 1 SG

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Get ready for an exciting half-day journey exploring the island. Sark is only 3 miles long 1.5 miles wide 320 meters at its highest point above sea level and about 14 miles of beautiful coastline just waiting to be explored. Sark is the most fascinating of the channel islands free of cars (mind you we do have quite a few tractors on the roads).

The Experience

From the Sark harbour walking through the tunnel to get aboard the tractor trailer (Toast Rack) to reach the top of the harbour hill where we will meet you to take you to collect your bikes and set off on your independent tour. Your local tour guides, that live on Sark all year round, will take you to some amazing sites with a few stories to go with them, each guide carries a walky talky so whether you are in the front middle or back of the tour you will still get to hear all the information about the island. When we get off the bikes to explore your tour guides will be with you at all times. We supply bottles of water for you comfort.

Ferry travel not included, but can be arranged.

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