Lihou Island is a small tidal island on the west coast of Guernsey. It is the most westerly point of the Channel Islands and at low tide it is accessible from the L'Eree headland via a stone causeway.

Together with evidence of neolithic burials and the remains of a priory which dates back to approximately 1100, Lihou Island has also been identified as a site of nature conservation importance in 1989, and as part of an "Important Bird Area" which includes parts of the shoreline of Guernsey and, together with L’Eree Headland was later designated Guernsey’s first Ramsar Wetland site in 2006.

This has created a marine reserve for the extensive variety of wildlife including more than 200 species of seaweed on the shores of Lihou, and more than 150 species of birds observed in the area.

Notes for those visiting Lihou

  • Opening times for the causeway can be downloaded from and are also posted at either end of the causeway, published in the Guernsey Press and announced by BBC Radio Guernsey daily. 
  • The causeway is 570m long (approximately quarter of a mile) and will be wet in places - sturdy footwear is recommended.
  • Visitors are welcome to Lihou at any time and during the bird breeding season (1st January to 31st July) BUT some paths may be roped off so that people can quietly enjoy seeing Gulls nesting close by.
  • Dogs aren't permitted on Lihou or the causeway in order to protect the wildlife. 
  • People using small boats, kayaks and canoes are requested not to land at Lihou when the causeway is closed to allow the wildlife to live in peace without human disturbance.
  • The causeway opening times can vary by up to 20 minutes due to weather conditions
  • Allow at least 20 minutes to cross the causeway.
  • Do not cross the causeway if submerged at any point (dangerous currents).
  • Only cross during the times advertised. Do not cross the causeway at night.
  • The Lihou Charitable Trust ensures that Lihou House remains as a facility open to all school and youth groups.  Family  and other groups may be able to stay there if dates are available.  For more information on Lihou House go to or contact the Lihou House Warden