Isle of Herm

Herm Saint Peter Port GG

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Most visitors will agree that Herm Island is a magical place. Every inch of the island is steeped in history and mystery. The north end of the island is made up of beautiful beaches and the vast grassy common, where woolly mammoth roamed millions of years ago, Neolithic settlements have been found, and where recent digs uncovered evidence of a prehistoric beach. This is where smugglers landed with their wares hundreds of years ago, where pirates hung as a warning to others, and where Prussian princesses walked in regal beauty.

The east coast beaches, Shell and Belvoir, are where childhood memories are made. The soft white sand and clean blue water are perfect for play and swimming. The beach cafés are open in the summer months for snacks and sandwiches, and the famous Herm Ice Cream.

The south coast is home to high cliffs, winding flower-lined paths and white foam waves. Climb the hill to the Manor Village and you will find holiday cottages and log cabins to suit every size of family. This is where you can make a home from home, enjoy barbecues in the courtyard, and truly feel part of the island community. A few minutes down the path leads to the Seagull campsite, a lovely, relaxing place to set up for a week or two, with beautiful scenic views over the water to Sark.

On the other side of the island is the harbour village, the hub of island life. Here you can enjoy delicious food and Herm’s very own golden ale at The Mermaid Tavern and courtyard, or stock up on little treasures and souvenirs at the Herm Shop. The White House Hotel has been established on the island for many decades. Famously there are no TVs or telephones in the rooms, and the whole ambience is geared toward a peaceful, stress-free holiday. It’s two restaurants are a lovely place to sit and relax, with The Conservatory offering stunning views of the sea and sunsets.

Herm Island has been home to monks, Nazi soldiers, and even a famous writer. It’s beauty and charm have attracted many interesting characters over the years. A lot of our ways and traditions have been in place for several generations, having been established by the Wood family who ran the Island from 1949, followed by the Starboard Settlement, which took over their guardianship from 2008.

Whether you are new to Herm Island or have been coming here for many years, there are some things which will never change: the gentle lapping of the waves against the harbour rocks, the breathtaking views that make you stop and take it all in, and the feeling of well-being and peace you have when you step off the island onto the boat back to Guernsey.

How to get there? Travel Trident operate a regular, year-round daily service, including evening ‘dinner boat’ sailings every Thursday, Friday & Saturday from May – September. Tickets are available from their kiosk at the Weighbridge Clock Tower, St Peter Port and departures are from the Inter Island Quay at St Peter Port Harbour. Please see the Travel Trident website for timetables, location map, sailing updates and further information.